Andere naam:
Cellist's chest, Cello-Brust

Korte omschrijving:
Chronische drukplek op borstbeen, vergelijkbaar met vioolplek.
Gaat dan gepaard met hyperpigmentatie en huidverdikking.
Kan pijn veroorzaken en overgaan in ontsteking.

Te grote druk van klankkast tegen de borst. Fout in de techniek/houding.

Gerelateerde blessures:
Cello knieVioolplekHuidproblemen
Gevoeligheid, Huidskleur rood / Erytheem, Huidverdikking, Ontsteking, Pigmentvlekken, Pijn bij spelen,

Borstbeen (proc. xiphoideus van het sternum)



Maladies in Musicians  Dermatologic Disorders

Although a cellist would never have fiddler's neck because of the obvious differences in instrument position, similar conditions have been described.
"Cellist's chest" was seen in a cellist who presented with tenderness, hyperpigmentation, erythema, and edema in the region of the sternum.[9]
This region of her chest would press tightly against the cello while she played.

"Cello knee" was noted in some cellists who had erythema, scaling, calluses, or hyperpigmentation over the medial aspect of the left knee, in the region that would contact the cello during playing.[9]

Even a "cello scrotum" has been described, though its occurrence has been questioned.[20,21] 

In Januari 2009 bleek dat het infameuze "Cello Scrotum" een practical joke was uit 1974 in het beroemde British Medical Journal.
Hieronder volgt de ontmaskering:

BMJ 2009;338:b379
Cello scrotum

It has emerged that this letter by J Murphy (Br Med J 1974;2:335) about cello scrotum was a hoax. The author (a non-doctor) and his former wife (a doctor who was involved in writing the letter) confessed to the hoax after the letter was cited in an article published in the BMJ’s Christmas issue in 2008. Their rapid response was posted on in December 2008

Rapid Responses:

Perhaps after 34 years it's time for us to confess that we invented cello scrotum. Reading P Curtis' 1974 letter to the BMJ on guitarist nipple we thought it highly likely to be a spoof and decided to go one further by submitting a letter pretending to have noted a similar phenomenon in cellists, signed by the non- doctor one of us.
Anyone who has ever watched a cello being played would realise the physical impossibility of our claim.
Somewhat to our astonishment the letter was published.
The following Christmas we sent a card to Dr Curtis of guitarist nipple fame, only to discover that he knew nothing about it, another joke we suspect.
We have been dining out on this story ever since.
We were thrilled once more to be quoted in 'A Symphony of Maladies'.

Baroness Elaine Murphy
Member of the House of Lords
House of Lords SW1A 0PW,
John M Murphy
Competing interests: None declared


Blum / Mandel / Rimmer

Skin disease among musicians
Jeff Harvell, Howard I. Maibach
From: Medical Problems of Performing Artists: Volume 7 Number 4: Page 114 (December 1992)

Maladies in Musicians / Dermatologic Disorders
Steven Liu, MD, and Gregory F. Hayden, MD