Op adrenaline en karakter, maar zonder pijnstillers, ondanks een zeer pijnlijke en ernstige blessure. Het publiek beloonde haar terecht met een staande ovatie.

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The show must go on: Glyndebourne star dislocates knee - but still finishes opera

• Christiane Karg, 33, dislocated her knee after tripping on set on Sunday
• German singer was playing the lead in Mozart's opera La Finta Giardiniera
• She was supposed to jump through paper wall but fell awkwardly on stage
• Despite the pain she got up and carried on and received standing ovation
• GP in audience was able to quickly able to put her dislocated knee in place

4 August 2014

It is a theatrical phrase which is used to wish those appearing on stage good luck.
But it seems when one soprano was told to ‘break a leg’ before performing at Glyndebourne Festival, she literally did.
The German-singer, Christiane Karg dislocated her knee after tripping on a set while playing the lead role in Mozart’s opera, La Finta Giardiniera.

Christiane Karg, 33, in action at Glyndebourne before the accident which happened on Sunday night

But despite being in an agonising pain following the slip in the first act, the 33-year-old received a standing ovation after bravely carrying on with her performance.
Miss Karg was playing Sandrina when she tripped on the frail paper stage set. In the opera, her character is sent mad with jealousy after her husband brutally stabs her for another love.
The role demanded her to seek shelter in the fireplace of the house, which she believes to be a cave. During this production, she was supposed to jump through the paper wall of the house for effect, but tripped and fell awkwardly onto the stage.

The opera was immediately halted on Sunday night and a doctor who was in the audience was asked to look at her injury. The GP was able to quickly put her dislocated left knee back into place.
After 15 minutes, Miss Karg refused a trip to hospital and said she was keen to continue the performance. A chair was placed at the front of the stage and she sang her performance for the whole second half while sitting down.
An audience member at the stately home near Lewes, East Sussex, said: ‘It was pretty shocking to see her fall down and it was obvious that it was a serious tumble.

The German singer dislocated her knee in a fall during the first act of La Finta Giardiniera

‘The performance was immediately halted and everyone initially thought that there was no way she could carry on.
‘She was extremely brave to carry on singing while sat at the front of the stage. The whole audience was extremely grateful and she received a standing ovation.
‘The show must obviously mean a lot to her as it takes a lot to carry on after a dislocated knee.’
Miss Karg was yesterday resting her knee and no decision has been made whether she will continue with the remainder of her performances at Glyndebourne.
Her agent confirmed that she had wanted to continue with the opera after saying the pain to her knee had not affected her voice. He added that Miss Karg had refused painkillers, perhaps in case it made her feel drowsy, and enjoyed singing at the festival.
It is the third time she has been in a production at Glyndebourne and has performed in concerts across Europe since 2006.
In interviews about the latest production, Miss Karg has revealed that she was excited about the role.
She said: ‘It’ll be a really interesting evening because there is a lot going on: the opera is very tragic and it’s weird at times, but that makes it more exciting.
‘People will have their own ideas about it and I think after seeing our production they will have a lot to discuss. I like these operas where you can have a new experience and really enjoy the discovery.’
A Glyndebourne spokesman said: ‘A performance of La Finta Giardiniera was stopped for a short time following a fall from one of the cast. Soprano Christiane Karg fell and dislocated her left knee.
‘The performance was stopped temporarily whilst Christiane was seen by a GP who treated her immediately and was able to relocate the knee.
‘Miss Karg, who was keen to continue her performance, sang from a seated position on stage. At the end of the performance Miss Karg received a wonderful reception from the audience, delighted that she had been able to continue her role.’

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