Bij de Broadwayshow Grace werd een toeschouwer misselijk, de gevolgen waren onsmakellijk. De acteurs speelden door met stalen zenuwen. Consternatie onder de getroffenen… Hierover kan ik helaas geen preventie-adviezen geven.

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Theatergoer vomits from the balcony into the seats below during Broadway show


PUBLISHED: 21:22 GMT, 16 November 2012 | UPDATED: 16:35 GMT, 17 November 2012

There was more drama in the audience then there was onstage at Thursday night's production of the new Broadway show, Grace.
Actors Michael Shannon, Paul Rudd, Ed Asner, and Kate Arrington were well into performing the story of a cynical,
atheist science professor, when an unidentified man in the balcony began to loudly and violently vomit.
The disgorge went over the balcony, showering the prime orchestra section seats directly below.

It's still uncertain whether the man was sick or drunk as there have been conflicting reports, but eyewitnesses said people were
attempting to get the man back to his seat when he threw up over the balcony and collapsed.
The stench of it became 'overwhelming ' and, understandably, the people who had been vomited on got up to leave.

New York Magazine has an eye-witness account of the scene from theatergoer Gabe Alfassy. 

'The actors kept it together, but Paul Rudd was trying to see what was going on during it all, and Michael Shannon was noticeably 
agitated by what was happening and started speaking much louder than before while staring at the huge group in the balcony, Alfassy wrote. 

It's still uncertain if the man who vomited over the audience in the Cort Theater was just sick or also inebriated
'At the end of the show, they all made jokes about it, Paul Rudd saying how as an actor being able to move people to tears or to laughter
is amazing but moving them to puking is a whole different league.'
'Then after the show, at the stage door, the actors said how they almost stopped the show because they didn't know the severity of the situation.'
It wasn't until the end of the show when actor Paul Rudd addressed the audience to ask for donations to the actors charity fund to fight AIDS that the actor told the audience what had happened, cracking a joke that while it was great for an actor to make someone laugh or cry, it was truly special to make them puke.

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