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Skin conditions

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In de literatuur worden diverse huidziekten beschreven, die het spelen kunnen belemmeren of zelfs tot beëindiging van de carrière kunnen leiden.

Diverse huidziekten komen bij musici voor: hyperhydrosis, lichen planus, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis en urticaria.


De relatie met stress is aangetoond.


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    Lees : Contact dermatitis and other skin conditions in instrumental musicians

    Dit artikel geeft een overzicht van de diverse huidproblemen die bij musici door hun instrument worden veroorzaakt .

    Stress and skin diseases in musicians: evaluation of the Beck Depression Scale, General Psychologic Profile (The Brief Symptom Inventory [BSI]), Beck Anxiety Scale and stressful life events in musicians.
    M. Önder, B. Cosar, M.O. Öztas and S. Candansayar
    We had previously investigated skin problems of musicians (N = 117) working in a professional orchestra. The results of this survey suggest a significant incidence of occupational and stress-related skin problems in musicians such as hyperhydrosis, lichen planus, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and urticaria. It was thought that emotional factors exacerbate their problems. This article discusses the importance of psychiatric consultations in dermatologic problems.

    Dermatological problems of musicians: a prospective study in musical

    D Baccouche, M Mokni, A Ben Abdelaziz, and  A Ben Osman-Dhahri

    Uit de samenvatting:
    Musicians are at risk of developing particular skin conditions related to their activity. 
    Five hundred and ninety-four students were examined. 
    Two hundred and ninety-five students (49.7%) had at least one dermatologic lesion. In multivariate analysis, the following factors were significantly correlated with dermatological problems: male gender, age >=20 years, history of musical activity >=5 years, practice >=10 hours/week and percussion instruments.
    Nine types of lesions were determined: corns and calluses, pigmentation
    abnormalities, irritant contact dermatitis, mechanical acne, erythema, friction bulla, nail diseases, cicatricial alopecia and allergic contact dermatitis.
    Corns and calluses were significantly the most frequent (P<0.001).
    The frequency of dermatological lesions was high compared to data reported in the literature, 20 and 32% respectively in the studies by Onder and
    Rimmer. This difference could be due to the greater number of percussionists in our study.
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