Stafford Hartman, een zangeres uit Memphis(Tennessee, USA), werd neergeschoten en beroofd. Desondanks zong ze drie dagen later haar rol in Tosca vanuit een rolstoel in de coulissen.

Opera Singer Performs Despite Being Robbed and Shot

• An opera singer was shot and robbed outside her home Wednesday.
• It didn’t stop her from singing her part from a wheelchair off stage Saturday night.
• Here resilience inspired those around her.

Daniel Hight

Memphis, October 29, 2011

Ned Canty with Opera Memphis is singing the praises of 24-year-old Stafford Hartman. She is singing at Saturday night's performance of Tosca at the Orpheum and she's doing it from a wheel chair.
Hartman was shot and robbed three days ago outside of her home in the Cooper-Young area.
“We're proud of her,” said Canty. “She's brave. She's really a living example of the old saying, ‘The show must go on’.”
Canty says Hartman's performance is not hindered by the fact that she's currently in a wheelchair.
“She sings the role of an off-stage shepherd boy,” said Canty. “It’s one of the reasons she can do it because she's not walking very well right now.”

Chris Devine is Hartman's next door neighbor on Felix Avenue. He heard her cries for help and rushed over.
“It amazes me, the fact that she can go on with her life like that,” said Devine. “That night, immediately after she was shot, she was cool calm and collected, not like I would have been.”
Canty says the soprano is in her second year of Opera Memphis' Artists in Residency program through the University of Memphis. He says they're glad to work with her.
“She's an amazing artist. She's an amazing singer. She's got a great spirit. She's a great actress,” Canty said, as he listed off.

Her performance and her story is also inspiring those attending the performance.
“Well, I think it shows a tremendous amount of courage and fortitude to come back and make the presentation and again bless the rest of us as patrons with her talents,” said Brad Rice.
Canty added, “I think this is her way of reminding herself, reminding her colleagues and all of Memphis that she is defined by her artistry as much as she is defined by anything else.”
Hartman’s next on-stage role will be in January. Police are still looking for the person who robbed her.

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