Andere naam:
contactallergie / nikkelallergie

Korte omschrijving:
"Flautist's chin" has been described and is similar to fiddler's neck.


 A 32-year-old amateur flautist presented with an eruption of acneiform lesions and hyperpigmentation confined to the central midportion of her chin, where she was in contact with her flute.[36]
Wetting of the chin with saliva or breath condensate was suspected as a predisposing factor, as this slipperiness could cause the player to increase the pressure of the flute against the skin.[36,37]
Flutes are often made of alloys containing multiple metals including nickel, so the reaction could also have resulted from a sensitivity to nickel.[37]
In one report, an amateur flautist with flautist's chin had a positive patch test to nickel, so it appears that flautist's chin can be caused by mechanical irritation, metal allergy, or a combination of the two.[38]


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