Katsaris beschrijft in een brief zijn snelle en verbazingwekkende genezing. Zin of onzin? Lees daarom ook de commentaren!

 Via de blog van Norman Lebrecht, Slipped Disc, kwam ik aan de onderstaande brief.

Daar staan ook de smakelijke reacties.

Dear Friends,

On October 1, I gave a concert in Berlin at the Konzerthaus. This recital was organized by the Cyprus Embassy on the occasion of the Cypriot Presidency of the European Union and the 52 years of the founding of the Republic of Cyprus (1 October 1960).

Five minutes before the end of my performance, I had a brain stroke on stage. As a matter of fact, I suddenly lost any feeling of the left side of my body, including my left hand. I was immediately hospitalized at the famous Hospital “Charité” of Berlin. This paralysis lasted during the whole night. However, despite the seriousness of the stroke I regained the complete left side, together with my left hand, early in the morning. Despite the excellent care and treatment of the doctors they were very concerned because I could either: A) die, B) remain paralyzed, C) never fully recover the left hand, or D) fully recover in the long term with the help of several physiotherapy sessions.

The doctors were happily surprised when they saw me moving my fingers already the next day. I offered them to play on the piano of the hospital. When I did so they could not believe what they heard. They even filmed my playing in order to show it to other doctors. One of the doctors said to Mrs. Solomontos, Cultural Attaché of the Cyprus Embassy: “Incredible”!

Finally, on October 16, I attended all day an important meeting at the UNESCO because Mrs. Irina Bokova, General Director, invited all the Ambassadors of Good Will, Artists of UNESCO for Peace and UNESCO Champions for Sport in order to exchange views. Claudia Cardinale, Jean-Michel Jarre and Renzo Piano were among the participants-members. A special “Tea Ceremony” was offered for Peace by Dr. Genshitsu Sen, the fifteenth-generation Grand Master of the Urasenke tradition of tea.

On 17 October I played my first recital in Brussels at the “Piano Festival” and on 19 October my second recital took place in Angoulême, at the Festival “Piano en Valois”. Both concerts were among the very best of my whole career.

Some people, including my doctors, wonder how I managed to recover so quickly… this is due to the fact that I have applied the principles of Scientology: No superstitions, no mysticism, only rationality. Most naturally, when a medical treatment is needed, it should be applied. However the power of mind over the body and the full understanding of its mechanisms is vital for a quick recovery especially in desperate situations.

Last but not least, I would like to thank very much all the friends and those who have expressed concern about my health. Please do not worry: I feel great!


Cyprien Katsaris, 23 October 2012