Dat had natuurlijk niet moeten kunnen gebeuren. Hoe kan je geconcentreerd blijven met een "afgrond" achter je? Gelukkig lijkt het mee te vallen. The Washington Post bericht hierover. (Met update van Norman Lebrecht, 30-04-2012)

 Legendary conductor Kurt Masur hospitalized after falling off podium during Paris concert

April 27

PARIS — Kurt Masur, the legendary former director of the New York Philharmonic, was recovering from injuries in a hospital on Friday after he fell off a podium during a concert in the French capital.
The 84-year-old Masur, who was conducting the National Orchestra of France on Thursday night, lost balance during a movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6.
The orchestra’s spokesperson, Camille Grabowski, told The Associated Press on Friday that Masur is expected to be released “very soon” from Paris’ Pompidou hospital, following overnight tests.
“He fell upside down onto his back because his left foot was too near the edge of the podium. It’s not linked to health problems. He’s as healthy as anyone of his age,” added Grabowski.
However, in February and March this year, Masur canceled a series of performances with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which cited his “current physical condition.”
No elaboration was provided by either orchestra.
In a statement Friday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy sent his best wishes, calling the German-born maestro a “legendary musician.”


Masur still in hospital, injuries more severe than suspected
The following bulletin was issued by Kurt Masur’s office at noon on Monday, April 30:
A further scan of Maestro Masur’s left shoulder has now indicated that his shoulder blade is indeed fractured. Therefore, Maestro Masur has had to withdraw from all his scheduled concerts through the end of June 2012 and plans to resume his conducting activities with the beginning of the next season in September 2012. Doctors at the Parisian hospital where Maestro Masur has been treated for the past three days are confident that he will make a full recovery.
Kurt Masur fell off a podium in Paris Thursday night while conducting Tschikovsky’s sixth symphony.
(Bron: http://www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc/ )

Sarkozy also recalled the conductor’s political engagement and his “historic role” in helping reconciliation between East and West Germany at the time of the Iron Curtain.
Masur was a key figure who promoted peace during the civil rights movement in the East German city of Leipzig that helped lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Masur has been honorary musical director at the Paris-based orchestra since 2008.