Dankzij snel ingrijpen van een orkestlid/arts loopt het gelukkig zonder fatale gevolgen af.

 Symphony conductor Johnson has heart attack















Gordon Johnson


Written by: Jake Sorich  / The Great Falls Tribune

The Great Falls Symphony was missing one of its key parts Saturday as conductor Gordon Johnson suffered a heart attack during Friday’s rehearsal.
Johnson, 64, who stayed the night in emergency care at Benefis, said he’s feeling much better after undergoing surgery Saturday morning under the care of Dr. William Rowe.
“I am doing remarkably well, given the circumstance,” he said.
In Johnson’s stead at Saturday’s show was Dusty Molyneaux, who conducted the second half featuring guest pianist John O’Conor, and Breanne Cepeda, assistant conductor of the Helena Symphony.
Johnson said he started to feel sweaty and weak when Sherry Rolf, the second clarinetist for the symphony who’s also a doctor in Billings, rushed him to the hospital.
“She didn’t hesitate,” Johnson said. “She got me to the Benefis emergency room here and I had a blockage in my right aorta. They took care of that and I underwent angioplasty, and now I feel just fine, but it was a serious event.”
Carolyn Valacich, executive director for the symphony, announced before the start of the show that Johnson would not be conducting because of his heart attack but assured the audience that he would be back soon.
Johnson said he expects to be away for 10 days or so before returning to his conducting post. Johnson said this was his first-ever visit to the hospital. He also was told he’s feeling much better now as they believe the blockage was building for the past two years.
Valacich said they were very fortunate to have a group of knowledgeable people around them when Johnson had the attack.
“He was having a full-blown heart attack but he had great people around and we were very, very lucky,” she said.
Johnson said he was disappointed that he had to miss the show with O’Conor, who had returned to play with the symphony after being in Great Falls 25 years ago. He said, though, that he’s thankful that he’s feeling better already.
“That’s what broke my heart (missing the show), but sometimes fate takes you in a different direction,” he said.

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