De BMI Healthcare’s London Musicians' Clinic is vandaag officieel gelanceerd. Noteer het adres voor het geval dat! Hieronder het persbericht en een artikel over de violist Jack Liebeck, die daar succesvol behandeld is.

Over het BMI The Garden Hospital

Hand and Wrist services
Musicians’ Hand and Upper-Limb Clinic at BMI The Garden Hospital and 9 Harley Street Clinic
The Musicians’ Upper-Limb Clinic is a new initiative being launched at BMI Healthcare by Dr John White, an Orthopaedic Hand an Upper-Limb Surgeon (shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist). Dr John White has over 16 years experience as an orthopaedic surgeon with an expert interest and skill in the orthopaedic problems of musicians. This specialist focus is due to Dr John White’s previous vocation as a professional musician combined with a PhD on the topic of Orthopaedic Problems of Musicians.

Who is it for?
This clinic is available for private and NHS patients, professional musicians* and anyone with a hand or upper-limb problem. Whether your problem is caused by injury or not, whether it’s due to tendonitis, arthritis, overuse, nerve entrapment or any other musculo-skeletal condition, you can book into the clinic.

How does it work?
Working alongside a team of hand and upper-limb therapists, the clinic will provide easy access to care by an expert in musicians’ hand and upper-limb problems for both NHS and private patients. NHS treatment can be provided at the Garden Hospital if musicians are referred by their GPs via the “Choose and Book” system.
BMI Healthcare provides treatment to patients who hold policies with most Private Medical Insurance providers. We suggest that you first check with your insurer to ensure that treatment is covered under your policy. Special rates are available for uninsured /self-pay patients. There is a 20% discount off our self-pay rates available for Professional Musicians*.

Dr John White will be undertaking clinics at BMI The Garden Hospital on Mondays and 9 Harley Street on Wednesdays.
For more information or to book an appointment please call 0800 096 3068.
*‘Professional musician’ is defined as someone who performs, teaches or studies music for a minimum of 20 hours per week.


BMI The Garden Hospital

 Brit Award Winning Violinist Reveals How Procedure at BMI Healthcare’s London Musicians' Clinic Saved His Livelihood
Jack Liebeck, a Classical Brit Award winning artist, has spoken to The Mail on Sunday and revealed how treatment for a ganglion cyst, at BMI Healthcare’s London Musicians' Clinic, saved his career and his livelihood.

Jack Liebeck

Ganglion cysts are fluid-filled sacs that appear as a smooth, soft lump under your skin. They form when the natural lubricating fluid, synovial fluid, found in your joints and tendons leaks out and forms a small cyst. Ganglion cysts can form in any joint of your body although they are most common around your wrist. Ganglion cysts may also appear on the back of your knee, ankle, foot, palm and fingers. Jack first noticed symptoms of the ganglia as a dull ache on the back of his hand. Most often, ganglia develop along the wrist, especially on the back of the hand. Less often, they form on the fingers, palm, or around the ankle. The underlying cause is unknown, but in some cases their occurrence seems to be associated with repetitive stress injuries, as from playing tennis or practicing certain musical instruments.

Commenting on the ganglion and pain he experienced Jack commented, “Any kind of procedure which made a fraction of a difference to the way I moved my arm, wrist and fingers could have a massive impact on my playing.” Jack was referred to Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr John White, himself a former musician, at BMI Healthcare’s London Musicians' Clinic. The clinic is available to self-pay and insured patients at BMI The Garden Hospital and 9 Harley Street and to NHS patients at BMI The Garden Hospital. Commenting on injuries suffered by musician’s Dr White commented, “Anyone who plays a musical instrument can potentially suffer musculoskeletal problems, anything from fractures to overuse. For amateurs this can be an inconvenience. For the professional who relies on the ability to play to make a living, injury can be devastating or at worst career ending.”

Dr White and his team have extensive experience in treating musicians suffering from repetitive strain syndrome, rheumatoid disease, severe cases of dupuytren’s contracture, upper-limb arthroscopy, shoulder, elbow and finger joint replacements and scaphoid non-union. “Having been a musician myself, I am all too aware of the mechanics and various types of playing that can aggravate existing or new problems, cause pain, numbness, weakness or even lack of control. I also understand how minor trauma and other ordinary orthopaedic problems, which would have minor effects on non-musicians, can have profound consequences for a musician’s ability to play. Understanding the importance a musician places in their hands allows me to understand what treatments are best for them. For many professional musicians their ability to play is both a career and a passion. Allowing them to recover quickly and keep a full range of motion is vitally important.”
To read Jack’s story in full please visit the Mail on Sunday website here.

BMI Healthcare’s London Musicians' Clinic is located at BMI The Garden Hospital and 9 Harley Street. For more information please visit:
or call: 800 096 3068.
Patients are able to pay for treatment or access services through their insurance provider. GPs are able to refer NHS patients to the clinic at the Garden Hospital, North London.





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